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Snippet of the print cover from the second 2154 publication, Proceed Accordingly

Twenty One Fifty Four is proud to present its second release in the form of PROCEED ACCORDINGLY. Spread across twenty pages, sixteen exclusive photographs capture a year of life within the city of Los Angeles; it exists as a visual essay on the attempted escape of city dwelling, the nature of family, human indulgence, and a myriad of faces and places, weaknesses and strengths.

PROCEED ACCORDINGLY was assembled to the following specifications:

– 6.5″ x 4.25″ Widescreen Format Featuring Saddled-Stitched Binding
– Full Color Front & Back Cover on Uncoated Stock
– Eighteen Black & White Pages on Uncoated Stock
– Professionally Printed & Bound in Los Angeles, CA

Limited to a one-time pressing, PROCEED ACCORDINGLY is available through mail by inserting your information in the fields to the right.

Store location list remains forthcoming.

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